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Accountancy Services

SAR | ACCOUNTING offers the full range of accountancy services in Panama you would expect from an accountancy practice.

We can then take care of every part of the process from the beginning of company operations  to filing your annual returns and all accountancy practices in between. SAR | ACCOUNTING is dedicated to the highest level of customer care and service, giving you total peace of mind that your accounts will be taken care of in a timely and professional manner.

Cost-effective, high-value solution

At SAR | ACCOUNTING we provide a cost-effective, high-value solution to meet all of your financial needs. We work hard to get to know you in order to deliver timely, individual advice on how to improve your business.

By getting to know your business, we make a further crucial difference. Our accounting management advice with help improve the profitability of your business.

Accounting Reports

All this intelligence will be presented in formats that you understand and find useful. It will be supported by invaluable tips and advice which shows you how small adjustments in your operations could have a big impact on profit and revenue.

This level of detail, effort and proactivity means the world to our clients, and that is why they are so satisfied.

We provide the level and quality of advice, data and expertise that you may expect from a large accountancy firm accompanied by the reliability, personal approach, understanding and responsibility.

Reasons to use SAR | ACCOUNTING

  • Many years of successfully providing accountancy services in Panama
  • We make your accounts easy to understand and make your accounts make sense
  • Detailed invaluable accounting analysis and management information provided as a standard part of our service
  • Personalized focus with expertise in each area.
  • Efficient, assessable and responsive service.


Our solutions

This is the Ideal solution for legal entities  (companies and foundations)  and individuals  with local, international and offshore activities, either as equity vehicles or with low volume operations.

The service allows compliance with the legal requirements for the maintenance of financial information in Panama and Internationally.

Main components of our basic plan include:

  • The design and maintenance of a basic accounting computer system using Peachtree to allow accounting record-keeping based on international accounting standards (IFRS for SMEs)
  • Maintenance of a digital file with supporting documentation (source documents)
  • Provide explanations about the accounting that may be required by the authorities, the client and their resident agent lawyer.
  • In compliance with international standards:
    • IFRS – PYMES version
    • IFRS – versión FVII
    • US GAAP

This solution designed for customers with a medium or high volume of operations, who need to produce accounting information for various internal and external users. All of the components of the basic plan plus the following components are the premium plan are included.

Main components of the premium plan include:

  • Management accounting: In compliance with specific information requirements requested by the client.
  • Fiscal Accounting: In compliance with the laws of the Republic of Panama (Taxes, social security, others).
  • Issuance of complete Financial Statements certified by an authorized public accountant, including explanations of the financial statements that may be required by non-governmental external entities such as banks, lawyers and auditors.

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