Panama City

Edificio Sucre Arias & Reyes Avenida Ricardo Arango y Calle 61, Obarrio Panamá, República de Panamá
Phone: +507 204 7900
Fax:  +507 264 1168

Contact us +507 204 7996

Virtual office

This is the solution for clients that require a legal address and support services in Panama City.

Main components of the services:

  • Legal address in the Republic of Panama, including:
    • Correspondence management (PO Box and Legal Address).
    • Communication management (telephone, fax, email).
    • Physical custody of original accounting documents, including stock certificates.
    • Intermediation in the opening of bank accounts.
  • Administrative support and treasury services:
    • Customer Administration: Issuance and delivery of invoices, collections, account reconciliations.
    • Provider management: Issuance of purchase orders, payments, reconciliation of accounts

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