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Tax Management Services

SAR | ACCOUNTING works with companies, large and small, to meet their accounting and tax requirements by offering a full suite of services.

We are capable of providing tax management services to companies, societies, executives, individuals and trust. We have a highly experienced and specialist tax department to efficiently advise all our clients as to the best tax management to the highest standard for their business.  We will notify you in good time of the  tax payments that are due.

Our tax management vision

We are on top of the tax law changes in Panama.

Our accountants and auditors are trustworthy, effective and highly principled providing personalized service to your company including consulting and reports to the tax authorities.

Our professionals are orientated to understand your company, business and objectives, to act in a responsible manner to be proactive, creative for you and your business enjoy the taxation opportunities.

Main Services Offered

  • Analysis, preparation, presentation and payment of all the reports requested by the government entities of Panama:
    • DGI (Fiscal Authority)
    • Municipality (Local governments)
  • Assistance in the event of an audit or questioning by the authorities in relation to tax matters

Tax Planning

We create a tax strategy using careful planning that will allow you to invest in and grow your business.

We like to have a complete approach to your tax affairs to make sure that you benefit from integrated advice.

Our tax department is fully trained and keeps up to date with current developments to deal with all taxation affairs, offering appropriate advice to help you with your tax obligations for current or future tax liabilities.

By developing close relationships with clients we are able to identify potential pitfalls in advance and provide the best solutions.

We can advise on all aspects of taxation and ensure that the advice you are given balances the different implications of the various taxes.

Tax forecasting

We believe that is important that you are fully aware of your future tax bills both personal and corporate.

We will make you aware of upcoming tax payments and help you plan around them, including advice on how to plan ahead.

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