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Accounting Advisory Services

SAR | ACCOUNTING satisfy your accounting and financial reporting needs without exhausting your internal accounting resources by using SAR | ACCOUNTING for your Accounting Advisory Services in Panama.

Our Accounting Advisory Services in Panama practice comprises of a dedicated, experienced team providing accounting and financial reporting advice.

SAR | ACCOUNTING provide the following services with regard to Accounting Advisory Services:

  • Accounting Advice
  • Internal Control Advice
  • Financial Statements Advice
  • Accounting Organization Advice
  • Transactions and financial reporting
  • Accounting advice for restructuring
  • Accounting standards requirements

Our clients have come to us over the years for reasons such as:

  • Due diligence services necessary in case of acquisitions or corporate mergers, focused mainly on fiscal aspects, valuation of assets and liabilities, preparation of proforma financial statements.
  • The quality of services necessary to manage your accounting records as well as the operating and fiscal systems of your company
  • Registration of Foreign Companies before the Panama Tax Authority (DGI). This is necessary for cases of non-operating foreign companies in Panama that intend to perform an act with fiscal effects in Panama: such as purchase/sale of shares, purchase/sale of properties, participation in state bids, etc.

For all entities that require high-quality accounting advice, SAR | ACCOUNTING has the breadth and depth of knowledge, many tears experience and technical expertise to help you meet your needs.

Companies require Accounting Advisory Services such as SAR | ACCOUNTING to review internal processes, recommend the best way to abide by regulations, aid corporate governance, devise policies and action plans aimed at recording accurate transactional data.

SAR | ACCOUNTING provides expert analysis and the relevant resources to act on specific issues who are available to respond to individual needs.

As a firm SAR | ACCOUNTING strive to provide solutions which are flexible and tailored to the particular circumstances and needs of the particular entity for ongoing and future projects.

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