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Human Resource Services

At SAR | ACCOUNTING we know that Human resources department is important to take care of employee and company well-being, no matter how small it is. Human resources services in Panama responsibilities include payroll, benefits, hiring, resignations, termination negotiation and firing.

However, many start-ups and small businesses do not have the staff or the budget to properly handle the essential details of HR. As such, more and more businesses are beginning to outsource their HR needs.

Payroll services

We administer your payroll services in an efficient and confidential manner.

The specialists in our Human Resources area are experts in payroll management and we are the leaders in this type of outsourcing services in Panama.


  • Preparation of payroll, calculation of wages, overtime, termination payments, unemployment fund, social security benefits and income taxes.
  • Receipt, review, calculation and preparation of bi-weekly or monthly payroll for its employees.
  • Preparation of payment orders and bank transfer of company salaries.
  • Preparation and monthly presentation of the SIPE to the Social Security Organisation.
  • Preparation of calculations requested by the client.
  • Review of the company’s activity and applicable laws, including existing labor agreements, the percentages applicable to overtime, as well as any other relevant information.
  • Sending the payment vouchers fortnight or monthly to each employee or according to their requirements.
  • Administration of the SIPE: add new employee using the aviso de entrada, declare the news of the company, present monthly the employees and their salaries, obtain the monthly payroll invoice.
  • Make the payment of worker-employer fees, covered in the pre-prepared form to Social Security Organisation.
  • On a monthly basic collect the employees’ file from Social Security Fund and deliver it to the client for distribution
  • Preparation of form 03.

Registration with Caja del Seguro Social (CSS)

We are in charge of your resources before the CSS

  • Ensuring that all outstanding payments are made
  • Non-contribution certificates
  • Preparation of complementary forms
  • Register Company in CSS
  • Affiliation service for workers and their dependents.
  • Collection of new workers form of new employees from CSS
  • Collection of leavers form of new employees from CSS
  • Perform company closure procedures

Executive Remuneration

This is a human resources services in Panama designed to administer the payment, benefits and compensations of the top executives of the company.

Our services include:

  • Working with management to design appropriate executive pay programmes.
  • Assisting with regulatory compliance and disclosures.

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